About the Program

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Program Overview

At Element Critical, our goal is to support our partners at every stage of customer engagement.  Providing unmatched sales, marketing, and implementation support – we pledge to deliver best-in-class data center and IT infrastructure solutions backed by a team of experts dedicated to your success.  We understand that your customer relationships are paramount and reputation is everything.  We make honoring those commitments easy, you have our word on it.

The foundation of our Strategic Partner Program is Trust; there can be nothing more important in a business relationship.  We are committed to building Partnerships that provide mutually beneficial, meaningful and sustainable technology solutions for your valued customers. We believe in a highly collaborative, high touch engagement model with a focus on transparency and a laser focus on exceeding customer expectations at every turn.  We offer generous compensation models, ongoing relevant training and after-sales support with an eye toward client satisfaction and ongoing growth.

Our Strategic Partner Program is made up of a mix of Partner types – Brokers, Agents, Consulting Firms, VAR’s, Carriers, Referral Partners and symbiotic Technology Providers.  Our goal is to support each according to the unique business model and customer engagement strategy they bring to each opportunity.  We are eager to speak to you about our Strategic Partner Program – contact us today to discuss your business and the learn how Element Critical can help you grow your portfolio with the inclusion of cutting-edge data center and IT infrastructure solutions.

Contact us at partner@elementcritical.com to learn more.