Colocation Is a Startups Competitive Advantage

Colocation Is a Startups Competitive Advantage

Not such a long time ago, Facebook began in business by outsourcing their data center needs with colocation providers to manage their servers. As the company developed, it began to lease its own wholesale data center space. Now Facebook builds its own custom data centers.  

Your business might not be ready for data center construction just yet. Still, the key takeaway is that low-cost shared tenancy in a secure colocation facility can be pragmatic for any sized startup business.  

The technology infrastructure of a startup enterprise is a crucial consideration in the digital age. Consider a few key ways that colocation can be a competitive advantage for burgeoning businesses. 

Variable Cloud Costs Versus Fixed Colocation Costs

It may be tempting for startups to jump to the public cloud to save on the initial investment of equipment and storage costs. Still, these are highly variable cost models which can sometimes tip the delicate balance for a new business. A fixed cost model that is Capex focused provides financial stability that is also supported by a more security-centric solution as your business grows. Many companies that start in the cloud end up migrating workloads into a colocation data center for the increased security and autonomy this solution provides and the more predictable cost model. Colocation lends itself to growing businesses, affording a more optimal environment and low-cost solution.

Scalability Beyond Your On-Prem Server Room

With some hard work and innovative ideas, your startup will expand beyond your current server setup. Devoting time to manage, maintain and optimally store your IT environment can distract your core competency. When you meet with our Element Critical team, the planning meeting will include discussing your current deployment needs and your projected needs to make sure that the colocation platform is selected to scale as your company grows. 

Colocation Provides More Cloud Connectivity and Network Options

Colocation is also about thinking bigger and leveraging a higher-performance resource. Data is growing at increasing rates, and while the home or office bandwidth make be enough today, it certainly may not be enough tomorrow. Data centers are built with significant bandwidth availability to fully support your evolving data needs so you can upgrade your equipment without worrying about data transmission. Furthermore, our Element Critical data centers offer ample carrier-neutral network providers for competitive rates on a host of added services and connectivity solutions.  

Compliance and Security Streamlines Your Data Center Decision

Your business may function inside an industry with specific requirements when dealing with data privacy – choosing Element Critical colocation data centers streamlines the support of your internal compliance mandates with synchronized compliance certification in-house. Our expert teams undergo continual internal auditing and third-party auditing annually to achieve and maintain vital compliance standards – ensuring your data is protected. Our data centers are built with multi-layered security protocols right down to the rack and server to ensure your IT stack is secure.

Location and Access To Expert Support

Your startup business will likely have unique needs when it comes to your data center infrastructure location. Whether your business requires key markets for low latency solutions or your business requires quick access to IT equipment within your local region, colocating your IT stack in a preferred location with supporting amenities can fast-track success for your growing business.  

Access to the on-site team is also an essential consideration for businesses that frequent their data center and enjoy a high level of interaction or require customization to their deployment space. Element Critical data center teams focus on our local customers with boutique services, affording project personalization beyond what big-box providers will accommodate. Element Critical data centers also take a consultative approach to customers, which can be a valuable asset for businesses supported by infrastructure experts. 

Element Critical supports enterprise businesses and startups with deployments as small as a single cabinet.  Our colocation services scale from single racks to secure cages, private suites to dedicated data halls – economies of scale to meet your business needs.  


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