We’re living in an interconnected time of smart phones, smart cars, smart homes, and even smart refrigerators. All of them generate an abundance of data. On average, users of the Internet generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day, according to recent research by Domo.

What many don’t consider is how much is happening behind the scenes to support the profusion of data we’re storing and accessing on a daily basis. Most of us take it for granted, much like flipping a light switch with the certainty the lights will go on/off. When they don’t, it’s a shock to our system.

A significant amount of time, space, compute, cooling, power, and money go into the processing, storing, managing, securing, and analyzing of data. It’s what enables the many real-time online transactions we count on hundreds of times per day.

All the back-end work taking place in digital data centers also empower enterprises to adjust and pivot on-demand to deliver a fast, uninterrupted experience. So, in essence, one of the major responsibilities of our data centers is to ensure that “the computing lights never go out.”

Based on the CapGemini/RBS World Payments Report 2015, total non-cash payments globally, including all wholesale and retail electronic payments, amounted to 389 billion per year. That’s the equivalent to 1.06 billion movements per day.

Because data is expected to continue growing at lightning speed, data centers are evolving into data-driven solution centers that can support the growing need to handle unpredictable amounts of data, devices, users, and things.

Cloud Expansion Enabling Faster and Scalable IT

The digital economy is driving the need for digital business transformation. At the core of turning data centers into solution centers is the ability to offer and enable faster IT, so they can quickly deliver scalability in transporting, processing and storing unlimited quantities of data.

This means that the data center as a data-driven solution can help you meet your flexible capacity needs, drive efficiency, and enable you to work with more customers and partners. In a nutshell, it should help you adapt to the growing and changing demands of the digital market.

Connectivity plays a key role in your expansion to the cloud and in expanding your network capabilities.

The power of connectivity can enable you to leverage data center partners to help  expand your data-oriented initiatives through a variety of services and toolsets. Expanding your network to the cloud and moving key workloads, can lighten the load of the critical activities on your internal network.

Companies designing data-intensive solutions, should definitely consider looking to the cloud in order to quickly expand their digital capabilities by setting up cloud computing infrastructure in a fraction of the time it would to set it up in your own data center.  So where should you start?

Working with the right cloud service provider can make the difference between the success or failure of your cloud adoption or expansion efforts.

In some cases, you’ll want to extend your solution to AWS, Azure, or GCP, so you’ll need a data center provider who offers a good variety of connectivity options to meet your specific requirements. You should also confirm the ability to scale isn’t a challenge and you can easily connect to the cloud of your choice in order to support your deployments.

Ideally, you need a partner who can enable all hybrid cloud requirements to support the current and future objectives driving your IT strategy.

Additionally, depending on your IT requirements, you might need a customized solution to support your deployment. So, you’ll need a partner who offers a number of options around customization.

Our digital economy will continue evolving to help enterprises harness the value of data for improved business decisions and to meet changing customer-experience demands. The right data center provider can play a major role in connecting you to the cloud and broadening your digital capabilities without an upfront major capital investment on your part.

If you’re looking to enable your company’s digital transformation strategy with faster and scalable IT, learn more about our CloudConnect and other Connectivity options.