Development at Element Critical’s Chicago Facility Delivers Private Suite Solutions for Wood Dale Customers

Development at Element Critical’s Chicago Facility Delivers Private Suite Solutions for Wood Dale Customers

Data Centers, much like the technology they support, are in a constant cycle of innovation. Here at Element Critical, we are excited to announce an addition to our state-of-the-art colocation facility CH1, which will offer our customers expanded private suite capacity.

Connectivity and Colocation Services In Demand

The mounting customer demand in the Chicago region makes connectivity and colocation even more relevant in areas such as healthcare, transportation, technology, manufacturing, and financial services. We are adding solutions to expand our capacity because we understand the current environment.  High availability solutions are paramount for our customers; their businesses depend on the robust reliability that a Tier 3 data center delivers.

Chicago Campus Known For Operational Excellence

Element Critical’s Chicago campus is comprised of two companion data centers located in the Wooddale neighborhood of Chicago. Both CH1 and CH2 are well-known in the industry and region as resiliency leaders. The former ComDisco and Sungard facilities were purchased by Element Critical in 2014 and modernized to exceed today’s technology and support our customers into the future.

These two enterprise-caliber sites have achieved long-standing operational excellence, backed by more than 30 years of consecutive uptime.

For mission-critical production environments that must be up 24 hours a day, every single day of the year, availability is the most crucial aspect for every network application that supports your business. And the essential ingredient in maintaining uptime and sustaining this system’s management is our engineering team’s dedication and expertise.

Construction has commenced, and the newest private suite 110 will be available as early as Q2 this year. The suite boasts 4,100 square feet of space, offering a stable and secure platform to build your personalized data center deployment within a building notorious for reliability.

Customized Data Center Suites Deliver Autonomy and Affordability

Customized suites give your business the autonomy and control of your IT stack, as well as access to Element Critical’s services and amenities.  With a private suite housed in a colocation environment, customers have access to a host of interconnection options. Diverse carrier networks and dedicated cloud connections to your preferred public cloud providers enable connectivity prioritization that can support all your working environments. Customers also enjoy the shared cost efficiency with residence in a colocation data center without truly having to share the space.

Plus, colocation also comes with peace of mind. Our data centers have undergone extensive auditing to support highly regulated companies and streamline your compliance requirements. Companies can own their equipment, while our expert staff manages the facility – addressing cooling, power, physical security, flood protection, and other building-related concerns.

Element Critical is an excellent fit for businesses that want greater flexibility, control, and the ability to scale their existing operations. Our flexible service model provides ample avenues for cost efficiencies with metered power, contract and term length flexibility, and configured space arrays that big-box providers simply cannot accommodate.


Learn More About Private Suites and Customizable Colocation Space 

Consultations with our expert data center engineers are available to create an array of customizable space for your business, supporting hot/cold aisle containment, high-density cabinets, lab space, and more.  For more information reach us at [email protected]

Element Critical’s Chicago One and Chicago Two colocation data centers are located at 711 N. Edgewood Avenue, Wood Dale, IL 60191.  Request a tour here.


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