De-Commoditizing Data Center Solutions and Services

De-Commoditizing Data Center Solutions and Services

Our CTO, Jason Green, recently wrote an article for Data Center Frontier highlighting the need for decision makers in the IT industry to reevaluate the way they think about data centers.

…in this new age of data, what companies actually need instead of purpose-built cookie cutter data center buildings that will probably work is structure and infrastructure that’s specifically designed with them in mind. A hedge fund might need high-density infrastructure for managing all its trading but beyond that only require basic services. A nearby oil company running heavy-duty mining applications that suck up a huge amount of energy would need a totally different set up in terms of heating and cooling. Why should anyone treat these companies as if they’re the same?

He also notes the speed in which changes are occurring in computing these days mean companies need to think nimbly and consultatively.

This lightning evolution presents a whole new magnitude of computing problems that need solutions. Faster and more potent technology requires faster, more potent data infrastructure. And there’s a direct relationship between the scale of that infrastructure, the power it consumes, and the cooling it requires—creating an ever-changing design target when it comes to data center construction.

Read Jason’s entire commentary on Data Center Frontier: De-Commoditizing Data Center Solutions and Services.

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