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Why Renew Colocation Services at  Above-Market Pricing?

  • No Up-Front Costs

  • Zero Risk

  • Zero Installment Fees

  • White Glove Lift and Shift

Why Choose Element Critical For Your Business?

  • Your Digital Foundation

    The future of your business is digital.  Colocation serves as the foundational element for your data storage, offering lower total cost of ownership, increased operational efficiency, transparent and predictable costs, diverse carrier access, and worry-free scalability. 

  • Risk Mitigation

    Reduce data center risk with a high-performance and redundant power supply, SLA protected uptime reliability, and comprehensive compliance certification at all our Tier III data center locations. 

  • Proven Partnership

    Colocation pricing is often the key consideration in choosing a colocation partner.  Our pricing is competitive, and we offer flexible pricing models you won’t find at big-box providers. 

Local colocation means access to real people.

Our customers appreciate the accessibility and transparency interaction with our operations team affords. At the same time, our platform remains firmly anchored in traditional data center principles like trust, availability, and reliability.

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