CloudConnect makes it easy for you to choose from a variety of cloud options to address your growing IT needs.

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Connect to the clouds that drive your business: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or Oracle Cloud. We build our Cloud Connect Service to accommodate all your public, private, or hybrid cloud connectivity needs.

Our cloud ecosystem makes it easy for you to choose from a variety of cloud options that include both cloud services and cloud interconnections to address your growing IT needs. Whatever the size of your business, we can help you customize the right public, private or hybrid cloud solution that’s right for you.

We can facilitate your direct, secure connections between cloud providers and businesses within and between our data centers. With our cloud connectivity, you get access to a growing ecosystem of premium cloud solutions from a strategic and diverse set of cloud service providers, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Public Cloud
With public cloud models constantly evolving to deliver higher levels of availability, performance, and security, they are becoming the go-to for modern app environments.

If you’re looking for a cloud-computing model with the highest levels of speed-to-market and elasticity to manage fluctuating and uncertain workload requirements, then public cloud, or IaaS, is what you need.

In addition, with CloudConnect you have access to comprehensive public cloud solutions with compliance-grade security, governance and performance that can handle your most demanding workloads—all at a low cost while enabling your in-house IT staff to focus on challenges that are core to your business.

Private Cloud
As with other models, private clouds offer computing power as a service within a virtualized environment that work with an underlying pool of physical resources. Though with a private cloud model, you alone control a secure cloud environment where you can manage all your resources.

The difference, however, is that this pool of resources is only accessible by you and therefore makes management much easier, and as the name suggests, offers you the utmost security and privacy for your data.

If your requirements dictate dedicated resources based on sensitivity to performance, control, security, compliance or any other business-specific consideration, a private cloud is the right solution for you.

Hybrid Cloud
With varying requirements and business models, the ability to customize a hybrid cloud to the exact requirements of apps, compliance, storage, security, and organizational flexibility makes the hybrid cloud ideal. IT

Our cloud ecosystem offers you tailored hybrid cloud solutions to meet your business needs along with trusted advisors that can understand and help you meet your goals. They will be there to guide you—from deployment to the maintenance of your hybrid cloud environment.

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