Our Dedicated Suites offer a wide array of rapidly deployable and cost-effective data center options with scalable densities that allow customers to grow a planned data center footprint.

Let's Talk!

If you're ready to talk, we're ready to listen. We'll work with you to assess your needs and develop a flexible roadmap that scales with your business, regardless of size. Reach out to us for a "no strings attached" conversation.

We understand that enterprises are constantly adapting to changing business requirements and adopting new technologies to enable digital transformation. That’s why flexibility and scalability are key to developing our solutions.

With our Dedicated Suites, you get access to all our colocation service options, including a comprehensive selection of service providers, levels of redundancy, power configurations and connectivity to create unique choice and value for your company.

We can provide connectivity to the cloud, as well as to our user base and your critical business partners via our network-dense, open platform. Our connectivity solutions can enable you to future-proof your IT strategy against constantly evolving business environments.

In addition, our on-site experts can help you choose the right solutions to meet your specific requirements—from increased security and resilience to higher power options—so can you optimize the design of your Dedicated Suite.

Our electrical and cooling systems are designed to be efficient and fully redundant, with no single points of failure. These resiliency options can provide you peace of mind regarding your data center stability while keeping operating costs low.

The portfolio offers several complementary services including installation and remote hands to support you and your team develop and maintain your ideal IT infrastructure.

How You Benefit
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    Personalize your IT portfolio to grow with your business
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    High value solutions built around your budget
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    Every customer receives white-glove treatment
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    National Footprint
    Diversify your infrastructure across a variety of markets