Managed Firewall, Router, Switch

Network device management is essential to ensure a site location has high availability, performance, and security. We accomplish this through constant monitoring, troubleshooting, and timely maintenance.

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Managed Firewall supports physical and virtual firewalls, inclusive of VPN support. The service may terminate up to 5 VLANS and provide support for up to 5 site-to-site VPN connections. We will back up the device(s) configuration s part of the service.

Managed Router consists of physical or virtual routers managed by Element Critical. Once racked and/or online, we will configure the Router according to our standards. We will configure router monitoring using standard Element Critical-specified thresholds. We will also configure alert thresholds for all monitored metrics and back up the router configuration.

Managed Switch consists of physical or virtual switches managed by Element Critical. Once racked and/or online, we will configure the switch according to our standards.


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