Monitoring, Alerting, and Remediation

Our proactive Monitoring, Alerting, and Remediation services offer several benefits for customers looking to expand their IT resources.

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The primary features of our Monitoring, Alerting, and Remediation offering are as follows:

–  We provide proactive monitoring of your server systems and software and provide customers with notification of alarms and/or events according to pre-defined usage thresholds assigned to each component being monitored.

–  We monitor Managed Server Disk, CPU and Memory to default thresholds at pre-defined intervals.

–  We provide Advanced Monitoring of Server, including Operating System, on Server Hardware located at your premise locations.

–  We provide automatic notification of alarms on monitored components.

–   For Public Cloud customers, we monitor up to 10 custom ports on the Managed Server for a positive ping result to ensure custom services are actively running.

How You Benefit
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    Personalize your IT portfolio to grow with your business
  • Pricing
    High value solutions built around your budgetary goals
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    Every customer receives first-class, white-glove treatment
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    Diversify your infrastructure across a variety of markets