Industry Solutions

Our flexible approach provides us with the ability to design personalized IT infrastructure solutions for a variety of industries.

Our Solutions

Cloud, Network, and Managed Service Providers

It’s essential to find a data center partner you can trust to develop your critical infrastructure while you focus on your core business.  Our solutions are designed with technical and financial flexibility in mind to complement your offerings, increase your revenue, and deliver the best overall experience to your customers.

Emerging Technology

A.I., IoT, and Blockchain are transforming the world and we’re supporting their development. Our data centers support high-performance computing, data storage, processing, and distribution. Whether you need high-density colocation, a lab deployment, or a completely custom solution, we are ready to support your requirements.

Financial Services

Whether you’re managing capital, processing transactions, making trades or delivering fintech services, your workloads must reside in secure facilities. We’ve implemented processes to address your governance, risk and compliance requirements, so your sensitive data stays in safe hands.


As the industry transforms to deliver real-time healthcare, enable telemedicine, and manage increasing data sets, we understand your data center needs have evolved to require a dynamic, high-performance IT infrastructure. Our solutions are designed to be flexible, rapidly deployable and cost-effective, as well as to meet your rigid compliance standards.

Higher Education

Universities and research groups need an IT infrastructure partner who can provide ultra-high densities and understand your unique deployment needs. We’re able to support varied space, power, and cooling needs to fortify your institution’s technology stack.


The rise of eSports and online gaming has made it essential for gaming companies to be able to scale on-demand, maintain a low latency connection, and guarantee their network stays live 24/7/365. We’ll work with you to build a solution that will satisfy all your requirements.

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