Nelson Weinstein

Senior Vice President of Finance

Based in Northern Virginia, Nelson joins Element Critical with over 25 years of experience in a range of industries including technology (365 Data Centers), defense manufacturing (DHS Technologies LLC) and construction (Torrent Resources, Inc.).

He has many years of experience in senior financial executive positions in private equity portfolio companies (including the Carlyle Group) which gives him a deep understanding of the unique requirements of such entities. He has a proven record of applying solid analytical skills to develop and implement innovative practical solutions. He has the ability to motivate organizations to define tactics and strategies and attain goals. He has provided increased value to organizations through a broad range of experience in the administration of legal matters and risk management. He has significant experience in operations which has facilitated garnering the cooperation of key stakeholders involved in strategic execution. In addition, he has successfully managed large recapitalizations and merger and acquisition transactions. As the lead executive involved with the Boards of companies for whom he has worked, he has often acted as the primary conduit between the Board, ownership, and management.


In November 2018 Nelson was named to’s List Of Top 50 Influencers in the data center and related sectors for North, South and Central America.  In January 2019, Nelson was named to’s Power 200: The World’s Most Influential Data Economy Leaders.

Nelson Weinstein, SVP Finance