EC Cloud Connect

Provision a port on the fly and instantaneously reach multiple clouds for performance that is more reliable, faster, and less expensive with built-in cloud on-ramps at all our colocation data centers

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Enterprise IT is becoming more distributed, with workloads running in various data centers and increasingly important interconnections to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud workflows. Element Critical can serve as the central hub, connecting enterprises with various cloud and SaaS providers through self-service connections.  A Software Defined Network (SDN) simplifies interconnections by letting enterprises order new connections themselves without the hassle of routing the network through various providers while masking any geographic complexity through virtualization advancements. 

Further benefits include increased network performance – by taking advantage of private and direct cloud on-ramp connections, businesses achieve greater security transferring data across their own private network versus public internet, and direct cloud connections significantly reduce data transfer costs. 

Instantly Scale

Instantly scale your capacity in tandem with your bandwidth requirements and provision connections to any endpoint in minutes

Hybrid-Cloud to Multi-Cloud

Secure connections to multiple Cloud Providers, SaaS Providers, and Network Service Providers

End to End Interconnection

Simplify high-performance networks from your headquarters to branch offices and beyond to cloud connect and application service providers

Data Center Interconnection

Provision connections between in-house data centers and colocation data centers



How You Benefit
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    Predictable Performance
    Unpredictable internet performance can prompt a strategy shift to direct, private, cloud on-ramps
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    Reliable Connectivity
    Protect core systems with dependable connectivity solutions
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    Shrink the attack surface with direct, private connections that don't cross the internet
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    Reduce egress fees for high volume users with cloud on-ramps