Element Critical’s no-compromise IP solution is designed to protect businesses from service disruptions or downtime from distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS).

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EC DEFEND is a risk mitigation tool that comes with Element Critical colocation data center services.  Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have long been a thorn in the sides of companies of all sizes and industries—though they are particularly dangerous for organizations that rely heavily on digital services (either to conduct business or to deliver their own services to customers).

With volumetric cyberattacks on the rise, your network needs colocation solutions with proactive protection against DDoS attacks. That’s why Element Critical developed EC Defend. EC Defend is designed to align with our blended bandwidth solution, EC IP-Blend, for simple and proactive threat security. By utilizing multiple routing paths to redirect network traffic before a DDoS attack reaches your data center and actively monitoring traffic flows to identify malicious traffic and remove it entirely, legitimate traffic can continue to flow, and services remain online and available to your employees and customers.

DDoS attacks are a type of cyberattack wherein the attacker attempts to deny access to a specific service or network by overwhelming the target system or the infrastructure it runs on – typically with basic access requests. These attacks tend to be distributed across several systems to comprise the target – which may be your business. Failing to stop an attack means losing access to critical IT resources for the company and its customers, leading to costly downtime and remediation challenges. It is more important to have a strong DDoS protection strategy in place.



How You Benefit
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    Risk Mitigation
    Proactive protection against DDoS attacks
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    Increased Resiliency
    Multiple routing paths redirect network traffic before attack reach data center
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    Network Availability
    Business services stay online and available
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    National Footprint
    Diversify your infrastructure across a variety of markets