EC IP-Blend is designed to give you scalable, private access to the Internet, delivering superior network resilience with the least amount of latency and packet loss.

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EC IP-Blend is ideal for businesses requiring a consistent, private, high-speed network connection in an on-demand scalable model. Blended bandwidth provides customers with improved speeds, resiliency, and lower latency through redundant, industry-leading internet Service Providers (ISPs).

With EC IP Blend, customers can maximize business efficiency with the combination of reliable access technology delivered over an optical fiber network resulting in a highly reliable, always-on Internet connection.

Network availability is vital for modern businesses. Our EC IP-Blend service offers faster, direct, and secure access to the Internet superhighway across a fully managed carrier-grade routing platform. Blended bandwidth is available in all markets where our colocation services are offered.  Combining two leading Tier I providers is a differentiator for any business to improve internet access and data transfer reliability.

EC IP-Blend Options:

– Redundant port

– Burstable bandwidth

– BGB peering

– Flexible IP addressing and monitoring

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