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451 Research Report: Trends in Data Center Solutions

Learn more about how the cloud is used in modern data centers, IoT and 5G’s impact on Edge Computing, the rising chip power’s increasing effect on density, and much more in this detailed 451 Research report.

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Our retail, wholesale, and hyperscale colocation services are built with large and mid-market enterprises in mind, offering vital interconnection and proximity advantages to our tenants and their customers. Data center footprints vary from a single cabinet, cages, and private suites to dedicated data halls. Our data center specialists can help you achieve your goals, whether you’re looking to reduce your footprint, optimize your environment, or build for scale. Our goal is to work with your team to deliver customizable solutions, and we hope to be one of your most trusted IT infrastructure partners.
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Private Suites

Private Suites at Element Critical data centers offer a highly connected and reliable Tier 3 platform upon which to build your personalized data center deployment.

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Hybrid Colocation

Hybrid Colocation allows businesses to maintain a data center presence, move certain workloads to a public or private cloud, and have it all managed by one provider through a cost-effective model.

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High-density colocation ensures you efficiently utilize space for high-compute workloads. The amount of data that enterprises produce daily will continue to grow, making high-density colocation a cost-effective, efficient solution.

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Secure Cages

Individual locking cages are the foundation of any data center deployment. Whether you have basic needs or have outgrown your current physical storage, our highly secure cages provide the ideal environment.

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Secure Cabinets

Secure cabinets are the foundation of any data center deployment. Whether your needs are basic or you’ve outgrown your cage, we offer cabinets in a wide range of heights, depths and security options.

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