As demand for faster, more comprehensive, applications increase, high-density colocation is quickly becoming the future of data centers. We can help you optimize your technology deployments.

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Our data centers are enabled for high-power density to help you achieve the amount of compute you need within a smaller footprint. High-density colocation ensures your high-compute workloads for AI, financial, or gaming make efficient use of your space.

The amount of data that enterprises are producing every day will continue to grow, making storage a bigger challenge for enterprises to manage and afford. Many are looking to high-density colocation providers to help them solve for these so they can stay competitive.

Our specially engineered cooling technology allows us to maintain tight control of our colocation environments, as well as making them highly scalable at lower costs. This empowers us to quickly deploy the right containment solutions for specific, high-density equipment configurations.

Flexibility and scalability are key to meeting your current and future needs. So, we remain flexible enough to deliver custom high-density colocation solutions to your specific requirements and continue to evolve them over time.

High-Density Features:

Our high-density colocation services have tangible benefits for businesses with high compute loads.  Our high-density solutions will allow you to:

– Garner greater computing power in less space and require fewer cabinets

– Grow and expand without limits

– Optimize the space within a smaller footprint and reduce the cabling distance between equipment

– Make the most of your technology deployments and investments

Our engineers carefully consider the power consumption required for your high-density solutions, along with cooling requirements then work to drive the design of the colocation space to ensure it can support your most demanding server workloads. We also ensure your hardware is properly configured, while also making sure your environment airflow is accurate and airflow augmentation devices are installed as needed, and equipment is racked properly.

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