Shane Menking

Chief Operating Officer

Based in Austin Texas, Shane is a veteran data center executive.  He brings a broad range of experience in overseeing revenue and business operations and the critical expertise to partner with internal operations teams, advancing the design and delivery of a customer-focused organization.


Most recently, Shane Menking served as President and Chief Financial Officer for Data Foundry, Inc. Backed by an ownership group of Internet pioneers and a leading executive team, Menking helped build the premiere data center platform in South and Central Texas from the ground up. Over the past two decades, Shane’s contributions brought invaluable growth from both a business and a cultural standpoint.


Shane Menking joins Element Critical with a continuing goal to solve IT barriers for our customers, making our high-performance data centers a valued choice for enterprise and hyperscale clients. This marks an important moment in Element Critical’s history following two acquisitions this year, Shane’s aim is unwavering in delivering flexible and resilient solutions that enable seamless IT architectures for our customers nationwide.


Shane Menking graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Texas at San Antonio where he received a Bachelor degree in Business Administration.