A Race for Space Amid Austin’s Data Center Drought

A Race for Space Amid Austin’s Data Center Drought

Only 1.8 MW of Immediate Capacity Left in Austin One Data Center

In the heart of Texas, Austin, once celebrated for its live music and Longhorns football, has undergone a transformative journey to become a thriving tech hub. As we highlighted in our [recent blog], Austin offers strategic advantages, such as a central location, reliable power grid, and robust connectivity. These benefits make it an ideal environment for businesses seeking to thrive in the tech-driven landscape. However, these very benefits have fueled a challenge: data center space in Austin is at a premium, with the vacancy rate at a mere 1.7 percent.

Austin’s Allure

Industry giants such as Tesla, Google, and Apple have recognized the unique advantages Austin presents. Tesla is currently developing a ‘bunkerlike’ data center at its Austin headquarters and has rapidly expanded its employee base in the Austin area, surpassing 20,000 employees. Google’s plan to invest in over 1.5 million square feet of office space downtown is set to create an estimated 10,000 jobs. Apple is also significantly contributing to Austin’s tech prowess, with ongoing expansions and projects like Capstone Phase Two AC09 and Capstone Phase Two AC07, adding 419,441 square feet of office space by 2025.

Data Center Space Urgency 

As more companies recognize the opportunities that the city presents, the demand for Austin data center space has skyrocketed, leading to a scarcity of available data center space in the city. With competition mounting, businesses looking to establish themselves in Austin should act swiftly to secure their spot and take advantage of the strategic benefits this dynamic tech hub has to offer.

Austin One:

In response to this pressing need, Element Critical’s Austin One data center stands as a beacon of opportunity. With immediate availability of 1.8 MW, Austin One offers a strategic solution for businesses urgently seeking secure and scalable Austin data center space. Our commitment to rigorous compliance standards, combined with a central location and robust infrastructure, positions Austin One as the ideal environment for businesses aiming to thrive in Austin’s tech revolution.

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Align with Austin’s Growth

With industry giants like Google and Tesla making their mark in Austin, businesses have a unique opportunity to align themselves with innovation and growth. As the demand continues to rise and opportunities abound, waiting could mean getting left behind in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

The time to secure your Austin data center space is now. Element Critical invites businesses to take action and become a part of Austin’s tech revolution. Reach out to our team today and explore how Austin One can unlock your business’s full potential in this thriving tech hub. Act quickly, secure your spot, and thrive in the dynamic, tech-driven landscape of Austin!

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