Legal Services Colocation Case Study – Capital Services, Inc.

Legal Services Colocation Case Study – Capital Services, Inc.

Element Critical is excited to share our most recent customer case study and thank Capitol Services for sharing their experience regarding colocation data center services for the Legal sector.  Scroll to the bottom to read the full case study or download a copy.

About Capitol Services

Capitol Services, Inc. earns the business of corporate and legal professionals across the nation every day, one customer at a time. And with a personal touch.



To keep up with cutting-edge technology and evolve their IT architecture strategy, Capitol Services sought a highly secure data center storage solution to prioritize the protection of their client data and vital business applications and deliver high-availability uptime after blackouts adversely affected the corporate data center. Their top areas of concern were security, selecting a location to mitigate risk, and delivering high-touch customer service.

With digital initiatives underway throughout their national platform, Capitol Services required a secure environment to protect client data. “We sought a provider capable of delivering maximum resiliency, multi-layered security, and compliance in a convenient location near our headquarters. We chose the Austin metro due to its low risk of natural disasters.”

Data security and availability are top of mind for legal services firms. Capitol Services has provided a full range of corporate, registered agent, and lien services for over forty years. Their customers count on the privacy of their data, and the business depends on applications that offer key online services and rapid data transfers.



Respecting client data privacy is both business-wise and governed by law. Capitol Services provides reliable legal services nationwide. Their customer commitment protects data in motion to meet the evolving data security and privacy requirements. Since security plays an integral role in their product solution, Capitol Services sought a colocation provider that satisfied their security and compliance requirements.

Capitol Services relocated their servers and data away from their headquarters and prior data center provider for peace of mind because Element Critical’s data center employs multi-layered security measures. Everything from the building’s shell, networks, and mechanical and electrical systems are constructed to prioritize security and resiliency. The data center is further equipped with advanced surveillance monitoring systems, multi-factor authentication for access, and 24×7 personnel monitoring of the site to offer real-time updates for customers. With colocation, Capitol Services is poised to focus on its core competency, knowing its hardware is secure in our optimal environment and the data center is SOC-compliant and continually audit-ready.

“We sought a provider capable of delivering maximum resiliency, multi-layered security and compliance, in a convenient location near our headquarters. We chose the Austin metro due to its low risk of natural disasters.” – Greg Wente


Capitol Services has an office in Austin, Texas, and they understand the benefits of sourcing local service providers. Their original data center provider was located in a 100-year flood plain. They wanted to remove that risk and selected Austin because it is a safe zone from hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and heavy storms. Familiar with the region and area of town, Element Critical’s colocation facility is positioned well outside flood plains and at a highly secure location. Redundant fiber lines were not something easily replicated at their headquarters. Element Critical blended bandwidth, diverse fiber pathways, and a host of network providers. The interconnection services cost less than what they were paying prior, with a substantial increase in performance and speed they did not expect.

With the location and performance priorities met, Capitol Services further values the day-to-day convenience of additional business amenities such as plentiful parking and office space. These conveniences made the decision to transition their on-premise data center to an Element Critical data center a comfortable solution.


Capitol Services IT personnel can regularly visit the facility and build relationships with Element Critical’s expert engineers and executive teams to gain insight and find solutions ahead of any issues that may affect their business continuity. They value the impact a positive
provider partnership and the impact it has had on their organizations’ success. Greg Wente shares, “as soon as we pull up to the gate, the team is available. The service team is impeccable, friendly, and always willing to help out. I don’t get that with other data center providers. Not at all.”

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