Build To Suit Data Halls Deliver Customization Tailor-Made For Houston Customers

Build To Suit Data Halls Deliver Customization Tailor-Made For Houston Customers

From the construction site to the technology frontier, data centers construction projects add vital mission-critical capacity in growing markets, but they also deliver a high-value opportunity for tailor-made solutions.  Customers waiting for a construction project to complete can shrink delivery timelines even further when they move swiftly to contract newly available capacity in advance, leasing space before the data center project even wraps up.

Customizing Dedicated Data Hall Space Is A Matter Of Timing At Houston One

There are many ways to handle data center space for growing businesses.  Some companies are in the position to build their own facility and match their exact requirements.  Yet, designing and executing a data center construction project requires significant capital, expertise, and time.  Enterprise businesses can often save money with colocation services without losing the benefits of customizing private space.   With current supply chain constriction, many data center projects are taking months and years longer than anticipated, making on-demand space a prime opportunity for savvy consumers.

Houston One not only has a proven track record of high availability, but the site is also currently in construction to expand the existing facility and include two new data halls.  These data halls will be supported by the latest infrastructure advancements.  This is undoubtedly an opportunity for Houston businesses who want to build even more value into their leased space with the chance to commission a private data center space – built the way they want it.

Here are a few examples of how Houston One can be tailored for our customers:

  • Negotiate Power Contracts Direct with Providers – The choose-your-own electricity provider option at Houston One gives the customer all the purchasing power.  Customers can often achieve a better price by negotiating their power directly with various utility providers with their own meter.
  • Customizable Layout – Customers that pre-purchase build to suite and private suites can provide considerable input on layout and the arrangement of racks/tanks/workbench/storage/circuits/wiring/and beyond.
  • Customizable Décor – Customers can select the data hall décor colors even down to the busbars and cable trays to showcase a technology environment that features their brand.
  • Customizable Power Configurations – Houston One is built to support N, N+1, and 2N environments.
  • High Density and Immersion Cooling Solutions – Houston One already houses one of the largest supercomputers in the world, utilizing 15MW of capacity in 22k square feet of data center space. Installations are traditionally air-cooled, but the DUG supercomputer is immersed in modular containers holding dielectric fluid as a cooling solution that significantly reduces energy usage and increases the life of the hardware.  Leasing dedicated data hall space gives customers at Houston One the cost advantages of shared tenancy with the ability to fully customize their individual and private data hall to their specifications.

The Houston One Data Center is comprised of three dedicated data halls for single customer deployments and one colocation retail hall.   The facility is currently in construction to extend the original building’s core and shell 33,000 sq. ft. to envelope two new multi-megawatt data halls.  Offering bespoke IT solutions, these new data halls can be customized to various power configurations and can be built to meet the IT, design, and power requirements our customers need.

Construction on Houston One began the fall of 2021 and is planned for completion in Q2 of 2022, raising Houston One’s total capacity to 32 MW and bringing these two brand new data halls online.  Whether our customers require individual locked cabinets, secure cages, private suites, or customizable data halls, Houston One can deliver comprehensive, high-density colocation services to optimize your technology deployments.

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